Player Readiness

While it is the desire of the LYB to have as many players in the program as possible, only players who are deemed ready to participate in TRL- level competitive basketball at grade level (as determined at tryouts) will be placed on a team.

The LYB and Lake Oswego High School Basketball staff have developed the following guidelines to evaluate players readiness:

  • Maturity to participate in competitive basketball
  • Experience on a basketball team
  • Knowledge of basic rules and terminology
  • Ability to dribble to basket with strong hand and make layup
  • Ability to dribble with strong hand and pivot to protect ball from opponent
  • Ability to hit rim consistently on shots from free throw line and closer
  • Ability to make and catch chest passes from 10-15 feet
  • Understanding of basic defense (staying between basket and opponent)

These guidelines will be used by LOHS staff at tryouts to determine player readiness. Parents are advised to consider these guidelines prior to registering their child.

Players who try out but are not selected for a team will be advised of recreational basketball alternatives in the Lake Oswego area. These opportunities include the LOYBA program for grades 4-5 (offered through Community School) and the Lake Oswego Junior High program for grades 6-8 (offered through LOJ).

Tryouts/Team Formation

Tryouts are conducted and teams are selected by LOHS basketball staff with assistance from paid (non-family member) youth coaches as requested by the staff.  4th-5th grade teams are split as evenly as possible with respect to skill level and are placed in the Silver (middle) level of competition in the TRL.  6th-8th grade teams are selected based on skill level and are placed in the Gold, Silver or Bronze levels of competition in the TRL based on the judgment of LOHS basketball staff.

Size of Program

The number of teams in the program is determined by player registrations and available gym space.  Based on prior gym capacity, the LYB believes the maximum number of teams in the program will be 18-20.

Roster Sizes

It is the goal of the LYB that all teams have 9-10 players.  In certain circumstances, teams may have 8 or 11 players.

Playing Time

4th-5th grade players are expected to play at least 16 minutes in each game (of a standard 32-minute game), 6th-8th grade players are expected to receive at least 12 minutes of playing time per game.  These expectations are in effect for all league and tournament games.  However, in cases of inconsistent player attendance or insufficient level of focus/effort, the coach will have discretion to reduce a player's playing time below these amounts.  For teams with 11 players, the playing time minimums are reduced to 12 minutes for 4th-5th graders and 8 minutes for 6th-8th graders.


Per TRL rules, girls teams in all grades and boys teams in grades 4-6 play with a 28.5" women's size basketball.  Boys teams in grades 7-8 play with a 29.5" men's size basketball. 

Code of Conduct

All players, coaches, parents, guardians and other spectators must adhere to the Three River Youth Basketball League Code of Conduct. Families are required to read and agree to the Code of Conduct as part of registration via Community School. Click the following link to read the code of conduct: TRL Code of Conduct.docx


LOYTBA is following Lake Oswego, and Oregon State Guidance as it pertains to COVID. Details can be found HERE. There will be COVID Release forms required to be filled out which we will have soon.