Fees for the 2021-22 Laker Youth Basketball season are as follows:

Player Fees (via Community School)

Grades 4-5 (volunteer coach): $350

Grades 6-8 (paid coach): $450


$60-85 estimate

Please note: uniforms will NOT be purchased via the community school registration process. Samples will be available to try on for sizing at tryouts. Once you receive notification of your athlete making a team (after tryouts), you will be sent an outside link from a third party vendor with details on how to purchase. Jersey uniform numbers will be available on a first come, first serve basis. For the 2021-22 season, every family will need to purchase the entire uniform with an option to purchase additional swag. Purchases will be delivered to your home. Practice jerseys will be provided to all players by the league.

*Note: in the 2021/2022 season, all LOYTBA players must purchase a whole new uniform for consistency/uniform changes.

Tournament Admissions (total)

Estimate for Each Player: $48

There are no admission charges for TRL games, but admission is charged at the Lakeside and TRL Tournaments. Last season's admission fee per adult per day was $6. Thus, 2 adults for 4 tournament days (2 days each at 2 tournaments) would be $48.

Additional Tournaments

All Laker Youth Basketball teams participate in the Lakeside and TRL tournaments. Team entry fees for these two tournaments are covered through Player Fees above. Teams in 6th-8th grades may elect to participate in 1-3 additional tournaments recommended by the head coach at team expense. Entry fees for these tournaments are typically $225-325 per team and are shared by team families (estimated cost $25-$35 per player). For tournaments requiring a hotel stay, team families are required to pay for their head coach's expenses (hotel plus $50 per day expenses) as well as tournament entry and admission fees (total estimated cost $75-100 per player). Given the length of the base season (23-24 games), teams in 4th-5th grades are discouraged from participating in additional tournaments. These tournaments typically charge admission fees as well.


Players not offered a place on a team following tryouts will receive a full refund of Player Fees paid below.

Players who elect not to play prior to team placement will receive a full refund of the Player Fees paid below, less a $15 administrative fee.

Players who elect not to play following team placement but prior to the team's first game will receive a $100 refund.

Players who elect not to play after the team's first game will not receive a refund.

There will be no refunds for games and/or practices cancelled by school districts, either Lake Oswego or opponents' (e.g. due to weather).

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available. As each player must have completed registration in order to participate in tryouts, financial assistance forms must be turned in to Community School by October 4th. Please contact Brad Smith (lakerybpresident@gmail.com) or Roxanne Stark at Community School (starkr@loswego.k12.or.us) for more information or click the link below to download the Request for Fee Waiver or Reduction Form.

Fee Waivers Reductions & Reg Form.pdf